Hi there,

Thanks for having a little bit more interest on me.

I am currently a research scientist at Facebook, building the next-generation Facebook-scale machine learning feature engineering.

Previously, I was a software engineer at VMware - worked on software-defined network data intelligence.

Even before, I finished my PhD in Computer Science at William & Mary under the supervison of Prof. Qun Li. Hark upon the Gale! You can check my research at Google Scholar and my research homepage.

What is more?

Together with my wife, we tare care of a lovely goldendoodle - Charlie

I am fascinated about mechanical keyboards. I had and currently have

  • KBC Poker - Cherry Brown Switches
  • KBtalKing Pro - Cherry Brown Switches
  • HHKB Professional 2 - Topre Switches
  • Keychron K2 - Gateron Red Switches
  • CTRL - Kailh Box White Switches + SUSUWATARI keycaps
  • MelGeek Mojo68 Plastic - Cherry Brown Switches + “Plastic” keycaps
  • (Upcoming) RAMA WORKS KARA + Oblivion keycaps